The Coronet Apartments – Perfect Spot To View The Ocean City Air Show!

The Coronet Apartments – Perfect Spot To View The Ocean City Air Show!

The Ocean City Air Show goes directly over our building on the Boardwalk. If you stay with us, you get a VIP viewing experience without the expensive price of VIP tickets! Our balconies and our sunny deck are the perfect spot to watch the planes. Did you know on air show days people pay $50 per car in our neighborhood just to park for a few hours??? And you might have to drive around for hours just to find a place with parking available. VIP Air Show tickets can be over $100 per person, sometimes over $300 per person and that doesn’t include a place to sleep. You get the same viewing experience on your balcony at the Coronet Apartments.

If you stay here during air show weekend, free parking comes with your apartment rental. So, you can be relaxing on your Ocean Front balcony or deck while everybody else is fighting for parking, then walking for blocks on a hot, humid summer day. If you want a drink or have to go to the bathroom during the air show, you are right at your own comfortable, clean, air conditioned apartment. Grab a drink, use the bathroom and get back to the balcony to watch the show! Meanwhile everybody else will be waiting in line in the heat to use a stinky porta potty or to buy a $10 Cake. Not you! 🙂

Our rates are reasonable. You could stay with us during air show weekend for as little as $40 per person per night. Call The Coronet Apartments 410-289-6305

The Coronet Apartments gives you the VIP viewing experience of the Ocean City Air Show!

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